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Friv 2013

Kids Drum Drum Piano 👍90%

Kids Drum Drum Piano

Hair Mania 👍68%

Hair Mania

Shooter Duck 👍90%

Shooter Duck

Spinner Astro The Floor Is Lava 👍90%

Spinner Astro The Floor Is Lava

Turkey Shooter 👍90%

Turkey Shooter

Guess Who Multiplayer 👍90%

Guess Who Multiplayer



Math for kids 👍90%

Math for kids

Vikings Village Party Hard 👍90%

Vikings Village Party Hard

Swink Jetpack Game 👍90%

Swink Jetpack Game

Tug of War Zombie 👍90%

Tug of War Zombie

Super Bloody Finger Jump 👍90%

Super Bloody Finger Jump

Smashed Paints 👍90%

Smashed Paints

Scuba Turtle 👍90%

Scuba Turtle

Idle Evolve 👍90%

Idle Evolve

Happy Hop Online 👍90%

Happy Hop Online

Color Challenge 👍90%

Color Challenge

Hop Hop Ball 👍90%

Hop Hop Ball

Rise Up Online 👍90%

Rise Up Online

Aim Clash 2 👍90%

Aim Clash 2

Bite My Fingers 👍90%

Bite My Fingers

Bowling Ball 👍90%

Bowling Ball

Kids Cartoon Coloring Book 👍90%

Kids Cartoon Coloring Book

Bitcoin Clicker 👍90%

Bitcoin Clicker

La pastelera 👍90%

La pastelera

Viking 👍90%


Fidget Spinner Master 👍90%

Fidget Spinner Master

Wheelie Challenge 👍90%

Wheelie Challenge

Roam Maze 👍90%

Roam Maze

Snake Blast 👍90%

Snake Blast

Whack the Phone 👍90%

Whack the Phone

Super Ball DZ 👍90%

Super Ball DZ

Sweet Candy Match 👍90%

Sweet Candy Match

Stickman Archer 2 👍90%

Stickman Archer 2

The Gap 👍90%

The Gap

Sumo Party 👍90%

Sumo Party

Flippy Knife Online 👍90%

Flippy Knife Online

Zombie Cows 👍90%

Zombie Cows

Puppy Ride 👍90%

Puppy Ride

Pilar Sky 👍90%

Pilar Sky

Pen Pineapple Five Nights at Freddy's 👍90%

Pen Pineapple Five Nights at Freddy's

Shooting at Buddies 👍90%

Shooting at Buddies

Funny Fast Fart 👍90%

Funny Fast Fart

Smash Your PC 👍90%

Smash Your PC

Animals Candy Zoo 👍90%

Animals Candy Zoo

Trampoline Stickman 👍90%

Trampoline Stickman

Equilibrium 👍90%


Jump In The Wall 👍90%

Jump In The Wall

Stick City 👍90%

Stick City

Knife Ninja 👍90%

Knife Ninja

Smash The Bubbles 👍90%

Smash The Bubbles

Tomato Crush 👍90%

Tomato Crush

Muffins Memory Match 👍90%

Muffins Memory Match

Sea Underwater Difference 👍90%

Sea Underwater Difference

Gone Fishing 👍90%

Gone Fishing

Invasion2018 👍90%


quicknum 👍90%


Kid Dentist 👍90%

Kid Dentist

Sky Jump 👍90%

Sky Jump

Hide The Fart 👍90%

Hide The Fart

DigitCrush 👍90%


Pick Head 👍90%

Pick Head

Sheep Party 👍90%

Sheep Party

Blocky Kick 👍90%

Blocky Kick

Super Pineapple Pen 👍90%

Super Pineapple Pen

Handless Millionaire 2 👍90%

Handless Millionaire 2

Animal Shapes 2 👍90%

Animal Shapes 2

Annie Vs Ellie 👍90%

Annie Vs Ellie

The Little Cthulhu 👍90%

The Little Cthulhu

Geralyn Food Doctor 👍90%

Geralyn Food Doctor

Ninja Bridge 👍90%

Ninja Bridge

Pineapple Pen Master 👍90%

Pineapple Pen Master

Poke FLY 👍90%

Poke FLY

jelly blast 👍90%

jelly blast

Hop Quest 👍90%

Hop Quest

Bricks 👍90%


Emoji Math 👍90%

Emoji Math

The President of the USA 👍90%

The President of the USA

Hungry Bird World 👍90%

Hungry Bird World

Paris Hidden Stars 👍90%

Paris Hidden Stars

knight jump 👍90%

knight jump

Boing Boing 👍90%

Boing Boing

Funny Animals Kids Recorp Games v.2.0 👍90%

Funny Animals Kids Recorp Games v.2.0

Foot Brain 👍90%

Foot Brain

Power Kids 👍90%

Power Kids

Ice Cream Maker 👍90%

Ice Cream Maker

Save The Chickens 👍90%

Save The Chickens

Billiards Game 👍90%

Billiards Game

Ball To Goal 👍90%

Ball To Goal

Heroic Dash 👍90%

Heroic Dash

Casual Soccer 👍90%

Casual Soccer

Free the emoji GOLD 👍90%

Free the emoji GOLD

DUO 👍90%


Fingers Slash 👍90%

Fingers Slash

PlayHeads Soccer AllWorld Cup 👍90%

PlayHeads Soccer AllWorld Cup

DJ Shaq 👍90%

DJ Shaq

Happy Swimmer Peixet 👍90%

Happy Swimmer Peixet

Minicars Soccer 👍90%

Minicars Soccer

Olaf The Viking Game 👍90%

Olaf The Viking Game

Floor is Lava VS Dancing Hotdog 👍90%

Floor is Lava VS Dancing Hotdog

Gamers Resurrected 👍90%

Gamers Resurrected

Knife Hit 2 👍90%

Knife Hit 2

Just Don't Fall 👍90%

Just Don't Fall

Killer Saw 👍90%

Killer Saw

Golf Solitaire: a funny card game 👍90%

Golf Solitaire: a funny card game

Monster Up 👍90%

Monster Up

Piano Time 2 Html5 👍90%

Piano Time 2 Html5

Most Wanted 👍90%

Most Wanted

Geometry Jump 👍90%

Geometry Jump

Smash My Car 👍90%

Smash My Car

Free the emoji 👍90%

Free the emoji

Bonbon Monsters 👍90%

Bonbon Monsters

Color Spin 👍90%

Color Spin

Basket Slam Dunk 👍90%

Basket Slam Dunk

ice cream time 👍90%

ice cream time

Mini Realife Sauna 👍90%

Mini Realife Sauna

King Bacon VS Vegans 👍90%

King Bacon VS Vegans

Laser-Cow Adventure 👍90%

Laser-Cow Adventure

Mermaid Vs Princess 👍90%

Mermaid Vs Princess

Circle Jump 👍90%

Circle Jump

Emmas Lost Toys 👍90%

Emmas Lost Toys

Festie Words 👍90%

Festie Words

Bubblegum Tricks 👍90%

Bubblegum Tricks

NMAliens 👍90%


Cash Grab 👍90%

Cash Grab

Dodge the Asteroid Wild World Platform 👍90%

Dodge the Asteroid Wild World Platform

Firing Day 👍80%

Firing Day

Duck Shoot Evolution 👍90%

Duck Shoot Evolution

Bubble Shooter Original 👍90%

Bubble Shooter Original

Bazooka Monster 👍90%

Bazooka Monster

Climb Rush 👍90%

Climb Rush

Diamond Hunter 👍90%

Diamond Hunter

Airplane games 👍90%

Airplane games

Bottle Flip Challenge 👍90%

Bottle Flip Challenge

Car Crush 👍90%

Car Crush

Deliver Pro 👍90%

Deliver Pro

Coloring Bloxy Boy 👍90%

Coloring Bloxy Boy

Death Dice 👍90%

Death Dice

Sleeping Caveman 👍81%

Sleeping Caveman

Blob Tank Wars 👍90%

Blob Tank Wars

Aim Clash 👍90%

Aim Clash

King Rolla 👍69%

King Rolla

Super Marshmallow Kingdom 👍80%

Super Marshmallow Kingdom

Let's Go Jaywalking 👍86%

Let's Go Jaywalking

Monster Eats Food 👍80%

Monster Eats Food

Mickey And Friends in Pillow Fight 👍86%

Mickey And Friends in Pillow Fight

State The Rate 👍90%

State The Rate

Domestic Animal Memory Challenge 👍90%

Domestic Animal Memory Challenge

Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan 👍90%

Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan

Pumpkin Escape 👍90%

Pumpkin Escape

Super Pineapple Pen 2 👍90%

Super Pineapple Pen 2

Rescue Space 👍90%

Rescue Space

Snake and Ladders Multiplayer 👍90%

Snake and Ladders Multiplayer

Cut The Glow Candy 👍90%

Cut The Glow Candy

Whack the Tablet 👍90%

Whack the Tablet
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