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Friv 2013

Solitaire Grande 👍90%

Solitaire Grande

Sheep Road Danger 👍90%

Sheep Road Danger

The Boy and The Golem 👍79%

The Boy and The Golem

Smash the Blocks 👍90%

Smash the Blocks

Nom Nom Yum 👍90%

Nom Nom Yum

Hangman Capitals Cities 👍90%

Hangman Capitals Cities

Roll This Ball 👍90%

Roll This Ball

Robot Maker 👍90%

Robot Maker

Trick Hoops 👍90%

Trick Hoops

Snail Bob 4 👍90%

Snail Bob 4

Tasty Way 👍90%

Tasty Way

Cut The Rope: Time Travel 👍90%

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

flChess 👍70%


Snail Bob 2 👍90%

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 1 👍90%

Snail Bob 1

PyramidSolitaire 👍90%


Words Search Classic Edition 👍90%

Words Search Classic Edition

Thirty One 👍90%

Thirty One

Sudoku Daily 👍90%

Sudoku Daily

The Last Survivors 👍90%

The Last Survivors

Waffle Game 👍90%

Waffle Game

Winter Truck Jigsaw 👍90%

Winter Truck Jigsaw

Pu zle A Puzzle Game 👍90%

Pu zle A Puzzle Game

Pump Up the Bubble 👍90%

Pump Up the Bubble

Connect The Dots 👍90%

Connect The Dots

Tropical Mahjong 👍90%

Tropical Mahjong

Tiles of the Unexpected 👍90%

Tiles of the Unexpected

Robo Twins 👍90%

Robo Twins

Smash the Politicians 👍90%

Smash the Politicians

Spidey Swing 👍90%

Spidey Swing

Puzzle Blocks 👍90%

Puzzle Blocks

Cut the Rope Experiments 👍90%

Cut the Rope Experiments

Titanic Museum 👍90%

Titanic Museum

Tiny Diggers 👍90%

Tiny Diggers

Sudoku 👍67%


Sliding Bricks 👍90%

Sliding Bricks

Sudoku Classic 👍90%

Sudoku Classic

Tap Ninjas 👍90%

Tap Ninjas

Puzzle Coloring for Kids 👍90%

Puzzle Coloring for Kids

Wordy Night 👍90%

Wordy Night

Mahjong Mania 👍93%

Mahjong Mania

Guess Who Multiplayer 👍90%

Guess Who Multiplayer

Monster Truck Jigsaw 👍90%

Monster Truck Jigsaw

Coloring Underwater World 4 👍90%

Coloring Underwater World 4

Sunset Tic Tac Toe 👍90%

Sunset Tic Tac Toe

London Jigsaw Puzzle 👍90%

London Jigsaw Puzzle

Jewel Aquarium 👍90%

Jewel Aquarium

I want to be a billionaire 👍90%

I want to be a billionaire

Hello Cats Online 👍90%

Hello Cats Online

Jungle Hidden Stars 👍90%

Jungle Hidden Stars

Shape Matcher Level Pack 👍83%

Shape Matcher Level Pack

Sokoban Classic 👍90%

Sokoban Classic

EG Pic Quiz 👍90%

EG Pic Quiz

Antique Village Escape Episode 2 👍90%

Antique Village Escape Episode 2

Slice of Zen 👍90%

Slice of Zen

Hexagone 👍90%


Mahjong Titans 👍90%

Mahjong Titans

Pirate Riddle 👍90%

Pirate Riddle

Gold Miner 👍86%

Gold Miner

Baby Doll House Cleaning 👍90%

Baby Doll House Cleaning

Destroy The Eggs 👍90%

Destroy The Eggs

100 👍90%




Physics Drop 👍90%

Physics Drop

Math for kids 👍90%

Math for kids

Shiba Rescue Dogs and Puppies 👍90%

Shiba Rescue Dogs and Puppies

Algerijns Patience 👍90%

Algerijns Patience

Money Detector Polish Zloty 👍90%

Money Detector Polish Zloty

Mow it Lawn puzzle 👍90%

Mow it Lawn puzzle

Check3 👍90%


Village Story 👍90%

Village Story

Rise Up Balloon 👍90%

Rise Up Balloon

Sweet Elephants Jigsaw 👍90%

Sweet Elephants Jigsaw

Marble Duel 👍90%

Marble Duel

Butterfly Kyodai 👍90%

Butterfly Kyodai

Spin it 👍50%

Spin it

Mysterious Jewels 👍90%

Mysterious Jewels

Jigsaw Puzzle Sunsets 👍90%

Jigsaw Puzzle Sunsets

Rullo 👍90%


Balloons Pop 👍90%

Balloons Pop

Orc Shooter 👍90%

Orc Shooter

Guess the Superhero 👍90%

Guess the Superhero

Zombie Heroes 👍90%

Zombie Heroes

Unblock It 👍90%

Unblock It

Word Crush 👍90%

Word Crush

Poly and the Marble Maze 👍100%

Poly and the Marble Maze

Age Manipulation 2 👍71%

Age Manipulation 2

Blocky Blast 👍90%

Blocky Blast

Bouncing Birds 👍90%

Bouncing Birds

Peg Solitaire 👍90%

Peg Solitaire

Mummy Candies 👍90%

Mummy Candies

Tasty Food Jigsaw Puzzle 👍90%

Tasty Food Jigsaw Puzzle

Qubika 👍90%


Jigsaw Puzzle: Flowers 👍90%

Jigsaw Puzzle: Flowers

Lappa Memory 👍90%

Lappa Memory

Saturday Night Linker 👍90%

Saturday Night Linker

Bubble Spin 👍90%

Bubble Spin

EG Word Brain 👍90%

EG Word Brain

Jigsaw Puzzle: Spring 👍90%

Jigsaw Puzzle: Spring

Balloons Path Swipe 👍90%

Balloons Path Swipe

Letters Memory Challenge 👍90%

Letters Memory Challenge

Color Challenge 👍90%

Color Challenge

Relax Mandala 👍90%

Relax Mandala

Jewel Legend 👍90%

Jewel Legend

Plumber & Pipes 👍90%

Plumber & Pipes

Egyptian Stones 👍90%

Egyptian Stones

Happy Blocks 👍90%

Happy Blocks

Solitaire HD 👍90%

Solitaire HD

Wheely 7 👍90%

Wheely 7

Tang 👍63%


1 LINE one stroke puzzle game 👍90%

1 LINE one stroke puzzle game

1001 Arabian Nights 👍90%

1001 Arabian Nights

Mahjong Linker : Kyodai Game 👍90%

Mahjong Linker : Kyodai Game

Chain Reaction 👍90%

Chain Reaction

Hexamatch 👍90%


Move Here Move There 👍90%

Move Here Move There

Cheese and Mouse 👍90%

Cheese and Mouse

Lost in Time 👍90%

Lost in Time

Happy Cats 👍90%

Happy Cats

Super Sudoku 👍90%

Super Sudoku

Connect The Gems 👍90%

Connect The Gems

Kids Secrets Find the Difference 👍90%

Kids Secrets Find the Difference

FGP Solitaire 👍90%

FGP Solitaire

Lights Out 👍90%

Lights Out

Candy Mania 👍90%

Candy Mania

Plane Master 👍90%

Plane Master

Bubbles Shooter 👍90%

Bubbles Shooter

Mushy Mishy 👍90%

Mushy Mishy

BrickZ 👍90%


Box Challenge 👍90%

Box Challenge

Monster Go 👍90%

Monster Go

Sheep Hunter 👍90%

Sheep Hunter

Funny Differences 👍90%

Funny Differences

Kids Coloring Book 👍90%

Kids Coloring Book

Moving Up 👍90%

Moving Up

Chroma 👍90%


Snakes and Ladders 👍90%

Snakes and Ladders

Matchems 👍90%


Temple of Diamonds 👍90%

Temple of Diamonds

Non Stop 4x4 👍90%

Non Stop 4x4

Lazy Robber 👍90%

Lazy Robber

Tetrollapse 👍90%


Treasure Island 👍90%

Treasure Island

Road Safety 👍90%

Road Safety

Transmorpher 1 👍90%

Transmorpher 1

Puzzle Brain 👍90%

Puzzle Brain

SuDuKu 👍90%


Worlds Rivers Jigsaw 👍90%

Worlds Rivers Jigsaw

Thatched Cottage Escape 👍90%

Thatched Cottage Escape

Space Chasers 👍90%

Space Chasers

Triangle Energy 👍90%

Triangle Energy

Whose House 👍90%

Whose House

Shuigo 2 👍90%

Shuigo 2

UNO Heroes 👍90%

UNO Heroes

Word Chef Cookies 👍90%

Word Chef Cookies

Quicket 👍90%


Super Stack 👍90%

Super Stack

Unpark me 👍90%

Unpark me

Sweet Candy Match 👍90%

Sweet Candy Match

Water Blast 👍90%

Water Blast

Tap & Clapp 👍90%

Tap & Clapp

Wild Animals Jigsaw 👍90%

Wild Animals Jigsaw

Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines 👍90%

Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines

Strange Snake 👍90%

Strange Snake

Valet Parking 👍90%

Valet Parking

Reversi Game 👍90%

Reversi Game

Trixology 👍90%


Zyppy Pixie 👍90%

Zyppy Pixie

Thumb vs thumb 👍90%

Thumb vs thumb

Snake Fight Arena 👍82%

Snake Fight Arena

Spirit of the Ancient Forest 👍90%

Spirit of the Ancient Forest

ShapeMatcher 👍90%


Ultra Sharp 👍90%

Ultra Sharp

Smart Sudoku 👍90%

Smart Sudoku

Word Connect 👍90%

Word Connect

Swap tycoon 👍90%

Swap tycoon

Wood Slide 👍90%

Wood Slide

The Hangman Game Scrawl 👍90%

The Hangman Game Scrawl

Words Search Hollywood Search 👍90%

Words Search Hollywood Search

Super Dunk Line 2 👍90%

Super Dunk Line 2

Quick Sudoku 👍90%

Quick Sudoku

WordSearch 👍90%


Snail Bob 6 👍90%

Snail Bob 6

Pudding Monsters 👍83%

Pudding Monsters

Racing Cars Coloring Book 👍90%

Racing Cars Coloring Book

Tripeaks Castle Solitaire 👍90%

Tripeaks Castle Solitaire

Solitaire 1 👍90%

Solitaire 1

Crystal Sokoban 👍64%

Crystal Sokoban

Cute Snails Jigsaw 👍90%

Cute Snails Jigsaw

The Maze 👍90%

The Maze
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