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Friv 2013

Poly and the Marble Maze 👍100%

Poly and the Marble Maze

Speedboat Racing 👍97%

Speedboat Racing

PixZombies 👍95%


Zombie Defender 👍95%

Zombie Defender

Rumble Arena 👍94%

Rumble Arena

Jelly Break 👍94%

Jelly Break

Y8Piano 👍94%


3 2 1 Spell 👍94%

3 2 1 Spell

Tiny Sword Warrior 👍93%

Tiny Sword Warrior

Bubble shooter 2 👍93%

Bubble shooter 2

Alien Sky Invasion 👍93%

Alien Sky Invasion

Battle Battle 👍93%

Battle Battle

Pixeroids 👍93%


Mayhem Racing 👍93%

Mayhem Racing

Anoix 👍93%


Moto Trials Offroad 👍93%

Moto Trials Offroad

Mahjong Mania 👍93%

Mahjong Mania

Sally BBQ Joint 👍92%

Sally BBQ Joint

ATV Trials Winter 2 👍92%

ATV Trials Winter 2

Rogue Soul 2 👍92%

Rogue Soul 2

UFO run 👍92%

UFO run

Mighty Knight 👍91%

Mighty Knight

Little Bouncing Guys 👍91%

Little Bouncing Guys

Disco Jumper 👍91%

Disco Jumper

Badland 👍91%


Zuma 👍91%


Ghost Town 👍91%

Ghost Town

10 Second Personality Test 👍91%

10 Second Personality Test

Sift Renegade 3 Defiance 👍91%

Sift Renegade 3 Defiance 👍91%

Jellydad Hero 👍91%

Jellydad Hero

Zuma Deluxe 👍90%

Zuma Deluxe

Papa's Taco Mia! 👍90%

Papa's Taco Mia!

Airport Buzz 👍90%

Airport Buzz

BFF Moods Dressup 👍90%

BFF Moods Dressup

Car Drift Score 👍90%

Car Drift Score

Cyclops Ruins 👍90%

Cyclops Ruins

Elsa Ice Skating Injuries 👍90%

Elsa Ice Skating Injuries

Four Little Words 👍90%

Four Little Words

Hero Ellie Pregnant Spa 👍90%

Hero Ellie Pregnant Spa

Just Jump 👍90%

Just Jump

Math Balls 👍90%

Math Balls

New Spring Wardrobe 👍90%

New Spring Wardrobe

Pregnancy Shopping 👍90%

Pregnancy Shopping

Princesses BFFs Fall Party 👍90%

Princesses BFFs Fall Party

Russian Jigsaw Challenge 👍90%

Russian Jigsaw Challenge

Spanish card 👍90%

Spanish card

TapTap Shots 👍90%

TapTap Shots

Wheelie Challenge 👍90%

Wheelie Challenge

Airport Control 👍90%

Airport Control

BFF Princess Career Photoshoot 👍90%

BFF Princess Career Photoshoot

Car Mayhem 👍90%

Car Mayhem

Daddy Spa Time 👍90%

Daddy Spa Time

Elsa Makeover 👍90%

Elsa Makeover

Fox Simulator 👍90%

Fox Simulator

Hero Ellie Villain Defeat 👍90%

Hero Ellie Villain Defeat

K-On Dress Up 👍90%

K-On Dress Up

Math Drops 👍90%

Math Drops

New Year Eve Party 👍90%

New Year Eve Party

Pregnant Anne Dressing Room 👍90%

Pregnant Anne Dressing Room

Princesses BFFs Weekend 👍90%

Princesses BFFs Weekend

Saga of Kraigen: Ambush at the Dragon Pa 👍90%

Saga of Kraigen: Ambush at the Dragon Pa

Spear Toss 👍90%

Spear Toss

Tasty Food Jigsaw Puzzle 👍90%

Tasty Food Jigsaw Puzzle

Wheels On the Bus 👍90%

Wheels On the Bus

Airport Manager Simulator 👍90%

Airport Manager Simulator

Bff Princess Vote For football 2018 👍90%

Bff Princess Vote For football 2018

Car model dress up 👍90%

Car model dress up

Daisy Spring Day 👍90%

Daisy Spring Day

Elsa Mommy Twins Birth 👍90%

Elsa Mommy Twins Birth

FoxFury 👍90%


Hero Jump Game 👍90%

Hero Jump Game

Kage Ninjas Revenge 👍90%

Kage Ninjas Revenge

Math for kids 👍90%

Math for kids

New Year Insta Selfie 👍90%

New Year Insta Selfie

Pregnant Ariel Real Makeover 👍90%

Pregnant Ariel Real Makeover

Princesses Boho Beachwear Obsession 👍90%

Princesses Boho Beachwear Obsession

Sailor Scouts Avatar Maker 👍90%

Sailor Scouts Avatar Maker

Spearmen Hunters 👍90%

Spearmen Hunters

Tasty Way 👍90%

Tasty Way

Wheely 2 👍90%

Wheely 2 👍90%

BFF Princess Vote For Quarter Finals 👍90%

BFF Princess Vote For Quarter Finals

Car Rush 👍90%

Car Rush

Dame Tu Cosita 👍90%

Dame Tu Cosita

Elsa New Year Makeup 👍90%

Elsa New Year Makeup

Frankie Stein Labs 👍90%

Frankie Stein Labs

Hero Rush 👍90%

Hero Rush

Katana Fruit 👍90%

Katana Fruit

Math Puzzles CG 👍90%

Math Puzzles CG

New York Jigsaw Puzzle 👍90%

New York Jigsaw Puzzle

Pregnant Dotted Girl Emergency 👍90%

Pregnant Dotted Girl Emergency

Princesses Bridal Salon 👍90%

Princesses Bridal Salon

Sailor Scouts Summer Style 👍90%

Sailor Scouts Summer Style

Special Wars 👍90%

Special Wars

Tea Time 👍90%

Tea Time

Wheely 3 👍90%

Wheely 3

Aki's Odyssey: Lvl1 The Mansion 👍90%

Aki's Odyssey: Lvl1 The Mansion

BFF Princesses Cocktail Party 👍90%

BFF Princesses Cocktail Party

Car Toys Japan Season 2 👍90%

Car Toys Japan Season 2

Dangerous Rescue 👍90%

Dangerous Rescue

Elsa Online Dating 👍90%

Elsa Online Dating

Freaky Brothers 👍90%

Freaky Brothers

Hero Simulator 👍90%

Hero Simulator

Katies Candy Look 👍90%

Katies Candy Look

Math Test 2 👍90%

Math Test 2

Newyork City Plumber 👍90%

Newyork City Plumber

Pregnant Dotted Girl Spa 👍90%

Pregnant Dotted Girl Spa

Princesses Burger Cooking 👍90%

Princesses Burger Cooking

Saira's Boutique 👍90%

Saira's Boutique

Speed Ball 👍90%

Speed Ball

Tea Treatment 👍90%

Tea Treatment

Wheely 4 👍90%

Wheely 4

Aladdin Adventure 👍90%

Aladdin Adventure

Bff Spring Beach Holiday 👍90%

Bff Spring Beach Holiday

Car Toys Season 1 👍90%

Car Toys Season 1

Daring Dozen Egg 👍90%

Daring Dozen Egg

Elsa Secret Transform 👍90%

Elsa Secret Transform

Freddy's Escape House 👍90%

Freddy's Escape House

Hero Tales 👍90%

Hero Tales

Kawaii Beauty Dress Up 👍90%

Kawaii Beauty Dress Up

Math Test 👍90%

Math Test

Night Watchmen Stories Zombie Hospital 👍90%

Night Watchmen Stories Zombie Hospital

Princesses Casting Rush 👍90%

Princesses Casting Rush

Salad Bar 👍90%

Salad Bar

Speed Car Racer 👍90%

Speed Car Racer

Teacher Transformation 👍90%

Teacher Transformation

Wheely 5 👍90%

Wheely 5

Alchemist Master 👍90%

Alchemist Master

BFF Spring Fashion Show 2018 👍90%

BFF Spring Fashion Show 2018

Car Trials 👍90%

Car Trials

Dark Ascent 👍90%

Dark Ascent

Elsa Stomach Virus 👍90%

Elsa Stomach Virus

Free Kick 👍90%

Free Kick



Kawaii Superhero Avatar Maker 👍90%

Kawaii Superhero Avatar Maker

Math Tracks 👍90%

Math Tracks

Nighty Knight 👍90%

Nighty Knight

Pregnant Fashion Show 👍90%

Pregnant Fashion Show

Princesses Castle Ball 👍90%

Princesses Castle Ball

Salazar the Alchemist 👍90%

Salazar the Alchemist

Speed Math 👍90%

Speed Math

Wheely 6 👍90%

Wheely 6

Alchemy Master 👍90%

Alchemy Master

BFF Street Dancing 👍90%

BFF Street Dancing

Car vs Cops 👍90%

Car vs Cops

Dark Ninja 👍90%

Dark Ninja

Elsie Dream Dress 👍90%

Elsie Dream Dress

Free the emoji GOLD 👍90%

Free the emoji GOLD

Hero Vs Villain 👍90%

Hero Vs Villain

Kawaii Wedding Cake 👍90%

Kawaii Wedding Cake

Mathai's Tea Shop 👍90%

Mathai's Tea Shop

Nimble Boxes 👍90%

Nimble Boxes

Pregnant Ice Queen Bath Care 👍90%

Pregnant Ice Queen Bath Care

Princesses Chic House Party 👍90%

Princesses Chic House Party

Sally Internet Fashion Star 👍90%

Sally Internet Fashion Star

Speed Pinball 👍90%

Speed Pinball

Teho Arcade 👍90%

Teho Arcade

Wheely 7 👍90%

Wheely 7

Algebraic Fish Frenzy 👍90%

Algebraic Fish Frenzy

Car Wash 👍90%

Car Wash

Dark run-2D 👍90%

Dark run-2D

Emily's Ice Cream Shop 👍90%

Emily's Ice Cream Shop

Free the emoji 👍90%

Free the emoji

Heroic Dash 👍90%

Heroic Dash

Keep It Alive 👍90%

Keep It Alive

Mathematical Skills 👍90%

Mathematical Skills

Nine Mens Morris 👍90%

Nine Mens Morris

Pregnant Kitty Spa 👍90%

Pregnant Kitty Spa

Princesses Closet 👍90%

Princesses Closet

Sally Shopping Mall Trip 👍90%

Sally Shopping Mall Trip

Speed Runner 👍90%

Speed Runner

Temple Crossing 👍90%

Temple Crossing

Wheely 8 👍90%

Wheely 8

Algerijns Patience 👍90%

Algerijns Patience

BFF Wedding Dress Design 👍90%

BFF Wedding Dress Design

Carnaval Mermaid DressUp 👍90%

Carnaval Mermaid DressUp

Darts Pro Multiplayer 👍90%

Darts Pro Multiplayer

Emma Foot Treatment 👍90%

Emma Foot Treatment

Free The Key 👍90%

Free The Key

Heroic Quest 👍90%

Heroic Quest

Kendall Hair Salon 👍90%

Kendall Hair Salon

Maths Challenge 👍90%

Maths Challenge

Ninja Action 2 👍90%

Ninja Action 2

Pregnant Moms Exotic Holiday 👍90%

Pregnant Moms Exotic Holiday

Princesses College Day 👍90%

Princesses College Day

Samantha Plum: The Globetrotting Chef 2 👍90%

Samantha Plum: The Globetrotting Chef 2

Speed Rush 👍90%

Speed Rush

Temple Dash 👍90%

Temple Dash

Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines 👍90%

Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines
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